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Sports Car in Storm

Auto Paint Repair Services


Stone chips and paint scratches detract from the appearance of your vehicle and are a nuisance to see on any exterior. Chips may become rust, causing more severe problems. Auto Collision Repair auto paint repair is the solution.

Paint chips can result from rocks or gravel thrown up by a car in front of you, inclement weather, or from a collision. They’re often hard to cover up with simple touch-up paint and can detract from the appearance of your vehicle. Luckily, the team at Auto Collision Repair boasts the industry’s finest painters and staff to get your vehicle’s paint finish looking like new again.


Auto Collision Repair Auto Paint Repair Process

All paint work begins by working on a flawless surface, free from dirt, grease, and any other material that may interfere with an immaculate finish. Auto Collision Repair painters then prep and prime the repair area. Once the primer has cured, our painters achieve a smooth surface by sanding and prepping for paint.

Painters then mix the colored basecoat to match the vehicle’s color and spray the vehicle with precision to match the factory finish. After the basecoat is ready for topcoat, the clear coat is applied. This restores the vehicle’s natural gloss finish back to its factory appearance.

If there are any blemishes left after painting, our technicians will lightly sand and polish any affected areas to a perfect shine.

From severe scratches that remove a layer of paint to annoying rust spots, Auto Collision Repair knows exactly how to make your vehicle’s paint job look brand new. Our I-CAR Gold Class certified painters can repair any exterior inconsistencies and use the latest computerized technology to find the perfect paint match.

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